Project Guide

There are two types of remote state that The Clusternator is aware of.

  • The actual state of virtual machines and containers used on a cloud service
  • Some data about a given project

Project Data

Project data consists of a few things required to make Clusternator deployments integrate with CI systems. Each project has:

  • Shared Secret Key
  • Project access token
  • GitHub Key

See clusternator project --help for more comamand information

Shared Secret Key

The shared secret key is used to decrypt/encrypt the contents of .private. This key is accessible to project team members transparently. However they can manually ask for the key with clusternator project shared-key from somewhere within the project’s directory structure.

The shared key can also be manually revoked, and re-issued with: clusternator project reset-shared-key

Project Authentication Token

The project authentication token is only issued once, but can be revoked and reissued on demand.

clusternator init will display the token at then end of a successful project init.

clusternator project reset-auth-token will revoke the old token, create a new token, and return it to the user

clusternator project create-data will reset all the project’s keys/tokens and display the new ones to the user

note The Clusternator is not capabale of storing an actual copy of this token so there is no way to view one on request, it can only be revoked/reissued.

GitHub Key

The GitHub key is used to encrypt/authenticate incoming requests from GitHub. The key is issued initially on clusternator init but can be manually reset with clusternator project reset-git-hub-key. The key can be requested by a Clusternator user with clusternator project git-hub-key

Virtual Resources State

Information specific to allocated resources are accessed by The Clusternator directly querying the underlying cloud service.