Developer's Guide

Complete API documentation is available. This guide aims to help developers navigate the API documentation and the actual source from which it is generated.

The source code is divided into the following modules:

  • AWS API src/aws/ which provides a promise based interface for dealing with Amazon Web Services. AWS is the first (and currently only) cloud service provider supported by Clusternator
  • Clusternator API src/clusternator/* which provides a promise based client interface for deailing with a Clusternator server interface which in turn maps to a cloud service API.
  • Clusternator public APIs src/api/* which is a collection of API’s for use by Clusternator users or consumers of the Clusternator. These public API’s are divided into:
    • CLI the command line api
    • REST the RESTful (web server) API
    • project-fs the API for managing source code based project files
    • js the API exposed by The Clusternator node module. This API essentially maps calls from its siblings into the system
  • CLI Wrappers src/cli-wrappers CLI based commands wrapped into promise based node processes
  • The Clusternator Server src/server which is where the Express based server code lives
  • There are also common scripts located in src/* as well as a few “accidentals” like bin/*